Bulldog noses in Luxembourg

Class 1600

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Vennbahn 1603 in Freyr (B) on 11 November 2000

Vennbahn 1603 in Waulsort (B) on 11 November 2000

Vennbahn 1603 in Heer-Agimont (B) on 11 November 2000

In 1955 the Luxembourg state railway company Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois (CFL) bought four GM Bulldog nose locomotives from the NMBS before they were even in use with NMBS. These Anglo-Franco Belge (AFB) in license built locomotives were numbered as CFL class 1600 (1601 - 1604, they would have been the NMBS 202.019 - 202.022) and were meant for local passenger trains. Specifications: built in 1955 with Co'Co' bogie/axle configuration, maximum speed of 120 km/h an equiped with an 1,700 hp GM 16-567C engine.

The CFL was the first railway company in Europe which took all its GM bulldog nose locomotives out of service. In 1985 the 1601 went out of service, followed by the 1602, 1603 and 1604 in September 1994. Three locomotives were save from the scrapyard:

  • The Belgium Toeristisch Spoorweg Patrimonium (TSP/PFT) owns the fully operational 202.020 (ex-CFL 1602) and has painted the locomotive in the classical green NMBS livery.
  • The ex-CFL 1603 (still in the latest CFL purple/yellow striped livery) was bought by the Vennbahn society for haulage of trains over their museumline between Raeren and Malmedy, but after it's solvency it was auctioned off on 1 November 2003 to the Swiss Transeurop Eisenbahn AG which operates luxurious trains in Europe (like the Orient Express). Then in June 2005 the locomotive was sold to a Sicilian construction company. Apparently the sale to the Swiss was not effectuated. The locomotive is still present in the Raeren (B) shed.
  • The ex-CFL 1604 is the Luxembourg Department of Cultural Affairs museum locomotive (in CFL purple/yellow stripes livery) and stands in operating condition in Luxembourg city. The technical and administrative work is done by the Luxembourg association 1604 Classics asbl. Groupement des Amis du Rail a.s.b.l. (GAR) organizes special runs with the locomotive.

    If there is any train haulage done by one of the museum locomotives, then it is mentioned in the calendar section.