MY veterantog runs a few special passenger trains with its MY 1126:

  • On Saturday July 6: From Helsingør via Copenhagen H and Roskilde to Nykøbing Sjælland. Nykøbing Sjælland - Hørve with a visit to the Odsherred Traffic Museum.
  • On Sunday August 4: From Hundested via Hillerød to Tisvildeleje.
  • On Saturday September 7: From Odense to Aalborg.
  • On Saturday October 12: Train and ferry trip to Germany. It may be the last opportunity to drive with a veteran train to Rødby Ferry, as DSB wants to close the traffic between Nykøbing F and Rødby Ferry.


    The Branch Line Society is planning a three day freight and museum line tour of southern Norway, based in Oslo, from 6-8 September, for members only.


    The Inlandsbanan organises three special charter trains with steam, diesel an electric at different dates on the Inlandsbanan:

  • 24-30 June: Stockholm-Avesta-Mora-Fågelsjö-Östersund-Storuman-Arjeplog-Arvidsjaur-Arctic Circle-Jokkmokk-Porjus-Gällivare;
  • 26 August - 1 September: Stockholm-Järvsö-Östersund-Storuman-Arctic Circle-Jokkmokk-Jukkasjärvi-Abisko/Björkliden-Kiruna.