In January 2001 the Di 3.619 (Trainkos 005, now in red/redbrown with a yellow stripe in between livery), 633 (Trainkos 006, now in a red with large yellow stripe livery), 641 (Trainkos 007, now in a red with white stripe livery) and 643 (Trainkos 008, now in a red with yellow stripes on the noses livery) were donated by the Norwegian government to the Railways of Kosovo (ROK) as part of KFOR in Jugoslowakia, a division of the United Nations Mission which temporary administrated 330 kilometers of railways in Kosovo. The 005 and 007 are preferred for passenger duties as they are equiped with HEP equipment. Since March 2001 Unmik Railways was responsible for the exploitation and rolling stock for KFOR. Nowadays Trainkos (formerly known as Kosovo Railways) are operating independently. Due to political trouble between Serbia (which sees Kosovo still as a province of Serbia) and Kosovo (which declared itself independent, recognised by many countries) the railway line between Leshak and Kosovo Polje is as from Obiliq (freight only) not operational since the beginning of 2008.

In the end of October 2017 Kosovo Railways reinstated the passenger train Pristina - Peja, which was run every third day by Di3 2640.003 (= ex-007):

Tuesday - Thursday with 2 ex-DB coaches, Friday - Monday with 3 ex-DB coaches:
Train IC760 Pec/Peja 05:32 - Kosovo Polje 07:21 - Pristina 07:32
Train TL4201 Pristina 07:50 - Kosovo Polje 08:01 - Pec/Peja 09:57
Train TL4200 Pec/Peja 12:10 - Kosovo Polje 13:59 - Pristina 14:10
Train 4401 Pristina 14:25 - Kosovo Polje 14:35
Train 4402 Kosovo Polje 16:00 - Pristina 16:10
Train IC761 Pristina 16:20 - Kosovo Polje 16:31 - Pec/Peja 18:16.

However, in the end of 2017 the 2640.003 was put aside and will probably not be reactivated any more.

If another roundnose would be available, it can be used to run nickel ore trains between Medvec and Drenas (train numbers 57860 and 57861), for extra nickel ore trains between Miradi (shunting yard just south of Kosovo Polje) and Drenas (10,000 tonnes of nickel from Indonesia via Griechenland - Macedonia - Hani i Elezit for the NewCo Ferronikeli plant in Drenas), for freight trains between Miradi (shunting yard just south of Kosovo Polje) and Hani i Elezit/Deneral Jankovic (in relation with Macedonia) and sometimes also coal trains from Obiliq (Kastriot) to the NewCoFerronikeli plant in Drenas (usually runs every second day). Freight duties are shared with two Class 661 locos, one Class 644 (GT22HW) and one G1700-2 BB loco and the empty coal to Obiliq with two Class MD03 shunters).

The current status of the loco workings in Kosovo is:
  • 005 (now numbered 2640-001, ex-NSB 3619): out of order (engine defect);
  • 006 (now numbered 2640-002, ex-NSB 3633): spare parts loco, not operational;
  • 007 (now numbered 2640-003, ex-NSB 3641): out of order (see above);
  • 008 (now numbered 2640-004, ex-NSB 3643): spare parts loco, not operational.