Bulldog noses in Canada

Class FP7A and FP9A

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ACR (Class FP9A and F9B)

CN 6514 (VIA 6514 / AC 1753) and 6614 (VIA 6614 /AC 1762) were donated to The Alberta Railway Museum which runs some locomotive hauled excursion trains per year out of Edmonton, Alberta.


AMT (Agence Métropolitaine de Transport)/STCUM is the commuter railway company of Montreal. It owns 7 Class FP7A locomotives (Co'Co', 16-567B engine equiped, GM built (1951, 1952) locomotives, numbered AMT/STCUM 1300 - 1306). The operation of the bulldog locomotives AMT/STCUM 1301 - 1306 (AMT/STCUM 1300 stands non-operational in Montreal) between Montreal Windsor and Rigaud could well have been ended in 2002 as the new F59PHI locomotives would take over their duties.

Walled Lake Scenic RR in Michigan is now out-of-business and it seems everything is up for sale including former AMT/STCUM FP7A’s 1304 and 1306, the latter painted in the AMT’s short-lived “Riverain” paint scheme, and had been stored at Expo Rail, in Delson, QC when AMT retired their roundnoses.

Canadian National (Class E9A)

Canadian National has repainted E9A No. 102 in a variation of its classic green-and-black 1950s paint scheme with “Canadian National” spelled out on the sides and the classic Maple Leaf logo on the nose. The unit, which was repainted at CN’s Woodcrest Shop in Homewood, made its debut on a business train inspecting the Winnipeg–Chicago corridor April 16-18 2014. It is one of four operational former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy E units CN inherited when it acquired Illinois Central in 1999, Nos. 100-103. No. 103 is in the red, white, and black CN color scheme. Nos. 100-101 still wear their monochrome silver, black, and white scheme IC colors. Source: TRAINS.

Canadian Pacific Railway (Class FP7A)

Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), one of the two largest freight railway companies in Canada, offer luxury train tours around Calgary. These trains were originally pulled by the now defunct FP7Au CP 1400 (ex-VIA 6550) and the still operational FP9A CP 1401 (ex-VIA 6541) (both built in 1953) and trailing cabless F9B CP 1900 (built in 1955, ex-VIA 6612) locomotives which all three have been painted maroon-and-gray. The honours are currently done by FP9A CP 1401 (now with a 16-645E prime mover and with an electril system similar to the CP GP20C-ECO locomotives, CP 4106 (ex-VIA FP9-2 6307) and CP 4107 (ex-VIA FP9-2 6313) which were bought from Ohio Central in 2006, re-equipped with dynamic brakes and are head end power equipped. Also F9B 1900 can de used. They are painted with the "script" style lettering used by CP in the early 1960s with CP's classic "Beaver" shields added.

You can find more information about the CPR trains on the Royal Canadian Pacific site.

Ontario Northland Railway (Class FP7A)

The Ontario Northland Railway (ONR) operates both freight and passenger ('Polar Bear Express') services on its 186 miles main line from Cochrane to Moosonee. Nowadays GP38-2s form the traction. The ONR 'Northlander' passenger train from Toronto to Cochrane, for which three roundnoses were used in the past, was discontinued in 2012. The Ontario Northland Railway owns three 1951 - 1953 GM built Class FP7A locomotives (out of Co'Co', 16-567B engine equiped) which were rebuilt with 2,075 hp Caterpillar 3516 engines and renumbered 2000 - 2002 (original numbers are 1502, 1509 resp. 1521). Since week 16, 2004 Ontario Northland Railway (ONR) has taken it's FP7A 2001 and 2002 out of service. The third FP7A, numbered 2000, was still in service in March 2012, but is probably not used anymore. The remaining other, original ONR FP7A locomotives, have been taken out of service as well and stand in North Bay (ONR 1501, 1508, 1518 and 1520). ONR also owns four rebuilt F7A and F7B/F9B cabless locomotives (numbered 202 - 205), three bought from the Milwaukee Road and one from GO Transit (an ex-Northern Pacific F7B).

You can find the timetable of the ONR trains on the Ontario Northland Railway site and the latest news on an ONR List group on the Ontario Northland Railway List.

ONR FP7A 1520 + F7B/F9B + 4 ONR coaches as ONR Northlander service (Toronto - Cochrane) on 17 October 1993

ONR FP7A 1520 + F7B/F9B + 4 ONR coaches as ONR Northlander service (Toronto - Cochrane) on 17 October 1993

Ontario Southland Railway (Class FP9A)

Ontario Southland Railway has acquired three EMD FP9s for freight service (between Woodstock, Ingersoll, St. Thomas and Tillsonburg) in the end of 2012. The southern Ontario short line operates 73 miles of former Canadian Pacific track with an eclectic mix of Montreal Locomotive Works and EMD power. The first FP9 to arrive (and operate) on Ontario Southland was former Waterloo & St. Jacobs Railway WSJR 6508 (an FP9A built in 1954). The other two FP9As, Nos. 1400 and 1401 with RLK reporting marks and Railink lettering, are former RailAmerica locomotives assigned to the Goderich & Exeter Railway in southern Ontario. Locomotive 1400 is currently stored in Goderich and will receive minor repairs to its draft gear which will enable it to be moved. All three FP9s are former Canadian National locomotives, transferred to VIA Rail Canada in 1978, who rebuilt and upgraded them to Dash 2 specs in 1984. Ontario Southland is the only remaining railroad in Canada to have roundnoses in freight service with 1401 and 6508 now in service on the Guelph Junction Railway. The Guelph Junction Railway is operated by Ontario Southland under contract for the City of Guelph who owns the railway (which runs from Guelph to Goderich). Source: TRAINS.

Orford Express (Class FL9)

In the end of 2012, Orford Express dinner train, which is based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, expanded its roster with ex-New Haven FL9 2009 (now numbered 484) from Ohio's Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

VIA Rail Canada (Class FP9A)

All the remaining VIA Rail Canada FP9A-units have been withdrawn from regular service on 12 January 2002. They are stabled in Montreal (VIA 6301, 6307 - 6309, 6311, 6313) and Winnipeg (VIA 6300, 6302, 6304). New P42DC locomotives have replaced the aging GM 1957 and 1958 built locomotives.
Loco VIA 6300 is kept for shunting duties in Vancouver, BC. Via has put 6301 and 6309 up for sale on its website.

Preserved Canadian bulldog nose locomotives

In the state of British Columbia:

  • British Columbia Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society:

    This group is repainting the operational ex-VIA 6300 unit to a generic cream and royal blue at a warehouse in New Westminster, B.C., where it is stored along with several vintage passenger cars, The Province newspaper reports. VIA 6300 was retained by the railroad as the shop switcher for its Vancouver Maintenance Center until it was donated to the NRHS group. Locomotive 6300 is an FP9 built for Canadian National in April 1957 as 6524. It was transferred to VIA in March 1978. In 1983 Canadian National remanufactured it at its Pointe St. Charles shop in Montreal and it was renumbered VIA 6300. The unit was the only locomotive rebuilt following a head-on collision between VIA’s Super Continental/Skeena and a Canadian National freight train on Feb. 8, 1986 near Hinton, Alberta, which killed 23 people. The smashed front end of 6300 was replaced using the nose and cab from Kansas City Southern F7A 4062.Source: TRAINS.

  • West Coast Railway Association:

    West Coast Railway Association has three F-type locos: FP7-A CP 4069 (ex-CP 4069), F7-A CP 1404 (ex-Algoma Central 1756, ex-CP 4103) and F7-B CP 4459. 4069 in particular, and also AC 1756 to a lesser extent, are used on tour trains. 4069 runs every summer in northern British Columbia out of Prince Rupert, providing tourist service to cruise ships.

    WCRA FP7-A 4069 with tour train

  • In the state of Ontario:

  • Waterloo-St. Jacobs Railway:

    The Waterloo Central Railway has run diesel-powered excursions between Waterloo and St. Jacobs, west of Toronto, but is currently out of service. There also were occasional excursions to Elmira, 16 km from Waterloo. The railway has one ex-Canadian National/VIA FP9A GM bulldog locomotive, 6520, built in 1957. The locomotive has an old green-black-and-gold livery. At last report the locomotive has been moved to storage at VIA's Maintenance Center in Toronto. The St. Thomas, Ontario-based Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society (SOLRS) was aiming to re-establish a tourist train service that would operate on Thursdays and weekends from June 2007 until December 2007 between Waterloo and the village of St. Jacobs on the Waterloo Spur. The operation would be named the Waterloo Central Railway. The former Waterloo-St. Jacobs Railway operated on the spur from 1997 to 1999 before it was shut down due to declining business. The line was eventually sold to the Region of Waterloo, who then contracted CN to maintain the spur. Currently, the Goderich & Exeter operates on the spur, servicing two large chemical companies in Elmira as well as industries in Waterloo and St. Jacobs.

  • Trains touristiques de Chaudière-Appalaches/Chaudière Appalachian Tourist Train runs tourist and excursion trains between Valleé Junction and Tring Junction, south of Quebec. The railway has two ex-AMT/STUCUM FP7-A roundnoses and an ex-LIRR control cab locomotive.

    In the state of Saskatchewan:

  • Former Canadian National FP9 No. 6304 that has operated on the Washington & Idaho Railway since 2008 is leaving the property. The leased unit was owned by Phillip Sheridan, but has been sold to Saskatchewan farmer Gary Southgate, who hopes to assemble a railroad museum in the Canadian province. Southgate already owns nine ex-CN passenger cars, and plans to paint them and the F-unit in CN’s 1954 green and black paint scheme. He also owns Canadian Pacific 4-8-4 No. 3101. The unit, built in 1954 as CN No. 6509 and later operated by VIA Rail Canada, is painted in a version of Southern Pacific’s “Black Widow” colors. The unit is presently stored in Marshall, but will move to Canada after some clerical issues are cleared up. The unit is fully operational, but will be placed on static display in Saskatchewan.