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Good National Parks for spotting koalas

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Zoos famous for their koalas


Duisburg Zoo, Germany this page is in German
Information on the Duisburg koalas can be found at Koalas im Zoo Duisburg this page is in German
Lisbon zoo this page is in Portugese

San Diego Zoo, California, USA
Los Angeles Zoo, California, USA
San Francisco Zoo, California, USA

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane, Australia
Perth Zoo, Western Australia
Cohuna park, Perth, Western Australia

Other parts of the world
Taipei Zoo, Taiwan readible for Taiwanese only...

Good koala sites

The history of the koala can be found at Koala's History page
A good koala site that even discusses the anatomy of the koala can be found at The Koala Page
Nice pictures and a lot of information can be found at Koalas (Liz Hunter)
Very nice pictures can be found at
Blinky Bill's homepage
More koala facts can be found at National Geographic
Facts can also be found at Koala's Page
If you want to read about the similarities in fingerprints between humans and koalas go to Natural Science
Some basic koala facts can be found at The Koala
Short information can also be found at theBigZoo

Koala organisations

Australian Koala Foundation
Koala disaster fund in response to the January 2002 bushfires
Friends of the Koala (Phillip Island,Victoria)
Friends of the Koala (N.S.W)
Koala Rescue (South Australia)

Electronic koala cards

Send an electronic koala card with Krittercards
You have got even more choice (9 cards) at Billybear4kids
or you can choose from 17 cards at the Greeting cards page
Only one koala card can be chosen at

Koalas in the papers

Albino koala at San Diego Zoo: Onya-Birri at CNN