On Thursday 27 April 2017 PTG Tours sets off with a special passenger train from Keleti station shortly before 08:00 hours behind roundnose 61.010 of the NOHAB-GM Foundation to Komárom via a freight spur branching off Angyalföld station, Esztergom, Dorog, Tokod, Dorog, Tokod and Almásfüzito.

On Monday 1 May 2017 PTG Tours runs a special passenger train from Debrecen to Budapest Keleti with a NOHAB locomotive of MÁV Nosztalgia. The trip goes via the Great Plains known as Hortobágy to Tiszafüred, then continue along more unit-only track (with only two pairs of trains a day) to Karcag, the Szajol avoiding line to Tiszatenyo, Szajol, Szolnok freight yards and the airport stop (Ferihegy) around 17:00 hours before arrival at Keleti station before 18:00 hours.