Germany, Austria and Hungary

From 10 May 2018 until 13 May 2018 a special passenger train will run from Nürnberg (Germany) to Budapest (Hungary) and back. AMR roundnose MY 1149 will be present the whole route. In Hungary there will be a special train with three NOHAB roundnoses from Budapest to Tapolca and back. Another special passenger train will run with MAV roundnose M61 006. There will also be a line-up with as many roundnoses as possible in the MAV railway museum in Budapest.


On 18 May 2018 PTG Tours might use Kárpát Vasút 459 022 (former DSB My 1156) working Budapest-Bátaszék-Dombóvár (except for Tárnok-Érd felso) if Kárpát Vasút M62 178 isn't ready from its major overhaul. On 21 May 2018 PTG Tours plans to use MÁV Nosztalgia M61 020 to run Ferencváros-Dunaújváros-Érd felso, except for the part Budapest-Keleti to Ferencváros yards and Tárnok to Érd felso.


On 27 February 2018 Di3.642 will run an extra passenger train from Hamar (departure 09:25 hours) to Andalsnes.

On 2 March 2018 Di3.642 will return with an extra passenger train from Andelsnes (departure 08:25 hours) to Hamar.


On 9 May 2018 the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society will run a 100-seat parlor car special with the units running from Philadelphia to its 50th annual convention in Altoona, Pa.
The return trip is splanned to take place on 13 May 2018.
It could be the last main line running for long-time private car and excursion train operator Bennett Levin's PRR E8s Nos. 5711 and 5809, because installing and maintaining PTC equipment is too expensive.