On 30 December two special passenger trains with 4 roundnoses each will run between Budapest and Tapolca. One train goes via the south shore of Lake Ballaton to Tapolca and back via the north shore and the other train does the opposite.


Kansas City Southern's Holiday Express 2017 runs from 24 November until 19 December according to this schedule.


Germany, Austria and Hungary

From 10 May 2018 until 13 May 2018 a special passenger train will run from Nürnberg (Germany) to Budapest (Hungary) and back. AMR roundnose MY 1149 will be present the whole route. In Hungary there will be a special train with three NOHAB roundnoses from Budapest to Tapolca and back. Another special passenger train will run with MAV roundnose M61 006. There will also be a line-up with as many roundnoses as possible in the MAV railway museum in Budapest.